Too Much TV!

So the new fall seasons started here in the good old USA last month, and now I have a Tivo full of stuff to watch.

Whats interesting to me is that the general quantity of TV I Watch has been going up, not down. New series starting that are interesting to me, yet none of the old ones dying.

Currently the roster is ;-
My Name is Earl
Boston Legal
Life – of which more later
Spooks, from back home.

When it starts up again, added to that will be
Battlestar Galactica

Thats a lot of TV right there. And you know what? I don’t watch _any_ of it when it’s broadcast. Tivo / usenet is the way to go. I prefer to grab Spooks that way than wait for it to show up on Bravo as MI5 because they cut a quarter of an hour out of it for adverts. Heathens.

Anyway. Life. Awesome premise. Extremely well made. Terrific Dialog. Wonderful seasonal story arc.

How the hell did this get green lit though? I mean, if you try and explain it to someone it’s just….well, lame. But when you see it, it’s great.

Whomever bought the pitch on this is either seriously deranged, or seriously smart. I hope it’s the latter, cos then we can expect to see more of this caliber ?V.

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