Top 10 books.

I’ve been sadly remiss in posting to my blog this month. Other things have taken precedence – work primarily, as well as a small side project I have going.

I’ve made a decision for a new project. In honor of the season Finale of Doctor Who this season, which is All About The Daleks, I’ve decided to spend some time building one. There are some awesome resources here here at project Dalek. However, since I litter the landscape with unfinished projects, I’m going to make myself finish something else first.

So I’m going to finish my book – Mynd over Matter. I’m about 2/3rds of the way through and now I’m just going to plow ahead and get it done.

And that segways nicely into the topic of this post – my top 10 favorite fiction books. I was thinking about it last night as I was walking the dog.

So in true High Fidelity style – top 10 fiction books. In no particular order.

1. William Gibson – Neuromancer
Well you can’t not have this, can you? It’s the seminal CyberPunk story. The imagery is just great. And so much better than Gibsons later work which is all about imagery and setting more than it is about story. This does, at least, have a story.

2. Ben Elton – This other Eden
I just love Ben Eltons stuff. Really I could pick almost any of his comedic stuff. His latest – Blind Faith – however is the first time I’ve felt disappointed by him. Way too much attempt to write another 1984.

3. Harry Harrison – The Technicolor Time Machine
I had to put one book and I couldn’t pick from any of the Stainless Steel Rat series I love so much, nor could I pick one of his master work East of Eden. This book is just pure silliness and so convincing in it’s portrayal of movie people making movies back in time.

4. Jack L. Chalker – Midnight at the Well of Souls
I read this when I was just emerging into the world of Sci-Fi. It’s just full of idea’s that are interesting, strange and a little bit scary.

5. Neal Stephenson – Zodiac
I didn’t put SnowCrash because everyone does that. Plus I like the characters in Zodiac more than the ones in SnowCrash – they feel a bit contrived for the story in SnowCrash (they seem to be constructed for the story rather than the story flowing from them if you know what I mean); far less so in Zodiac.

6. Orson Scott Card – Enchantment
Again, not picking the obvious Enders Game here. I LOVE Orson Scott Cards work – he’s an intelligent Sci Fi writer and there are way too few of those around these days. I just love Enchantment – it’s a real self contained book about magic meeting the real world and what happens. Just a great read.

7. Clive Cussler – Vixen 03
Can’t have a top 10 list without a Dirk Pitt story, can you? I totally believe that Vixen 03 is the best of the 20+ books. The plotting is just very intricate.

8. Iain M Banks – The Player of Games
Culture novels are just awesome. Usually a heavy read with layers on layers that require several reads to get, but the imagery and background is so rich you can’t help doing that.

9. Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman – Good Omens
Just The Best Book Ever. The Omen, as written with the Minds of Mr. Prachett and Mr. Gaimen.

10. Terry Prachett – Jingo
Yeah, so I have two Terry Prachett books, what of it? I LOVE the Sam Vimes stories and quite honestly I could pick any of them. I just like Jingo because it has everyone in it, and they are all fully formed by now.

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