VFX and the Oscars

I was in the movie VFX industry for a few years working for Bob Zemekis on a Christmas Carol and Mars needs Moms – then I worked for OOOii for a year, who are involved in VFX development that is on stage. They generate all the computer graphics you see on screens in movies like Star Trek.

I used to literally work next door to Rhythm and Hues, just off Jefferson in Los Angeles. I know lots of people who have passed through their doors.

So this whole Hoo Haa over VFX has gotten my attention, and I have to say, I have some thoughts I’d like to share over this.

The first is this – to all my game developer friends are saying “Fuck VFX – we already have this problem and we make it work” – I say you are missing the point. We need solidarity here. They are suffering and for pretty much the exact same reasons that we as games industry indies are. That’s a reason to be empathetic, not surly and disapproving because they get attention and we do not.

Yes, VFX is ‘more’ sexy than what we do (unless you are a 12 year old boy and we aren’t going there), but so what? You love what you do anyway. I know I do.

The fact is, VFX crunches even worse than we do, they get no slice of the pie once their work is done, and their people expect to be laid off when a movie is done. They have even less job security than we do.

Sorry – should have posted this a year ago, just found it in my drafts folder.

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