What game would you make?

One of my interview questions is “If I gave you 5 million dollars, what would you do with it?”.

It’s not an explict “What game would you make?” question, although bearing in mind it’s asked of game developers it might as well be (although I have had some entertaining answers along the lines of “I’d buy and island and employ scantily clad women to entertain me all day”, which is honestly hard to disagree with).

So effectively, what would most game developers do with the money? I’d start my own gig, no question.

Making causal / semi casual 6-9th month turn around games, with a small team of max 5 people.

Now, thats the practical answer. Then there’s the impractical answer.

I’d want to make a Doctor Who game. I know, I know, way too niche and commercial suicide but man, it would be a labor of love. I know exactly what I’d want – a cross between Oblivion, KOTOR and Heretic II. I’ve got the design in my mind and boy, it would be the best 2 years of my life.

But, it would be commercial suicide and I doubt I’d find a publisher interested in taking it on.

A man can dream though…

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