When things don’t go according to plan

Do you ever have those days where you get up in the morning, have a plan of something to get done, something to devote the day to, then find that everytime you turn around to try and make a start something else pops up and derails it?

I had such a day today. I was going to get started on the Mac Port of my game engine. I’ve done some work on it previously but realistically I’m going to have to start again.

However before that my network router went down, I reset it and when it came back up again my P4 server went down. The machine was fine, just the server wouldn’t come up again. It took me 3-4 hours of fiddling around and reinstalling before it would and my entire depot is gone. Luckily I had all my files on my local machine so I just set up a new one and imported them but still, all that history is now gone (which isn’t the worst thing – I almost never use the history unless I’ve done something that blew up functionality and as it happens right now everything works!).

So that gets done. Right now, off to Mac land. Except not. Now the garden needs work and the wife is tapping her foot and glaring at me. So off out in to the garden I go to mow and strim the lawns, do some weeding, cut the dead fronds off the palm trees and generally tidy things up.

When that is done it’s time to work out and now I have to get an article written that I should have done last week.

Well ok then. At least progress was made on something. Now tomorrow – that’s definitely Mac Port day.

Until something else comes up….

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