Who’s your Daddy?

What is it with this? Where did this phrase start? Why are you supposed to say this during sex? I just don’t understand it.

Firstly, with most of the women I’ve had sex with, I’ve known their fathers. Singing out “Who’s your Daddy” during the critical moments would end them pretty damn quick for me I can tell you. Thinking even remotely of their fathers would kill even the most rabid bit of passion in a short fashion. So I don’t get it from that view point.

Then there’s her. Is she really getting turned on by reference to her father while you are grinding away? If she is, then there’s a real screwed up family relationship right there all right. I’d advise you pull up you pants and get the hell away from there before Dear Daddy decides to join in.

So anyway, if this is such a turn on, why doesn’t she yell out “Who’s your Mommy” once in a while? Hell, at least it would be some variation.

And why is it only parents that get this little unasked for vote of confidence? Why is never “Who’s your brother?” or “Who’s your Uncle?” or better yet, “Who’s your second cousin, once removed?”

I’ll tell you this much. I bloody hope no one ever says that to my daughter while they are engaged in playing hide the salami. I dread to think of what she would do at that point.

I spend too much time on the john thinking about things like this.

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