Why Blog?

Having an interesting discussion on a forum I frequent about Blogs, and the desires and intent behind them.

The discussion was around someone posting deliberately inflammatory or juicy content in order to drive up reader ship – putting the word “Sex” into any title can drive up your visits if you are registered with blog search en?ines.

My contention was that it was interesting that some blog writers are more interested in driving up readership by directing their blogging at specific areas that they know titillate the readership out there. There’s a hidden point of view that their words they produce are of value and therefore they must get more people to read them. The implication is that people should be reading them, therefore they must do what they need to in order to increase circulation. The root implication is “I am smart, listen to me”, otherwise “their time is being wasted”.

Well I dunno about that. I look at the words I write and think “Well, I find it interesting that I thought that at this time”. I don’t believe my words have implicit value in themselves; some people might think they are interesting or useful, but they aren’t written assuming that, which is why I don’t go bananas on registering myself with massive amounts of search engines and the like.

I write to crystalize my thoughts and to give my self a history of what I was thinking. I could equally do it in a diary or a legal pad, but this way I can get at it wherever I am in the world and I wonder if anyone else might find it interesting. I don’t do it because I believe it is interesting, just on the off chance someone else might find it so.

I write to get the words out of my head. Sounds pretentious but I often find that if I write about something I have been thinking about here, often it means I can ‘finish the project’ so to speak and move on to something else.

I’ve gotta believe that directing your output to what you think your readership wants in order to drive up spikes basically makes you a tabloid blog, in so far as you aren’t writing about what you think about or what occurs to you, which as I understood it was the whole point of the blog sphere.

If you do do that, it’s essentially just marketing. Well – shrug – I guess theres a place for that too. Just not where I’m at:)

Edit – had a discussion with my friend Mark McCubbin and he made a few points which I feel compelled to add here.

His thinking is that wanting to promote your blog != eogtism. His example was my post about the adoption woes. It was interesting and might have been useful to others, but if they don’t know it’s there then how can they read it.

Which is an interesting and valid point, I have to concede that.

Perhaps I’m just reacting too much to the person I was discussing this with on the forum, and making too many sweeping points. Something to think about.

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