Windows 8

The wife just got a new laptop and we it comes with Windows 8 on it – we are both (the two of us) just trying to get used to it.

Dear God Microsoft, what have you done?

This is just… a mess. A total, unadulterated cluster fuck. Of epic proportions. I can’t believe ANYONE let this go out the door as it is.

Removing the start button? Now, I get why. I get that it’s to force people into the new Metro front end. If you do that, and your applications are only accessible via that, then when you develop new app’s, they will automatically follow the Metro guidelines and then work on tablets like the surface.

And it’s an admirable goal – one OS that works the same on both PC and on tablets. It would leapfrog the IOS / OSX combination issue that Apple has, and put MS on top again.

Except…it sucks. The fact is, if I spend $2000 on a laptop, I don’t want it to be a glorified tablet. I am used to resizing windows and having lots of text, and that’s what I want. I have a way of working and you, as a company, trying to force me into a tablet approach is completely contrary to the way I have been working and want to work.

Removing window resizing for Metro Apps? Seriously? What fucking planet are you on?

Making it so I can’t get to the programs except for going through Metro? What the FUCK was wrong with the start button in the first place? Sure, it doesn’t work so much on Tablets. Who cares? On a table Don’t Have It. It’s not that much of a stretch.

Look, Microsoft, removing functionality that used to exist is not “innovation” – it’s just reducing the experience that people are expecting.

I mean, what you’ve done to Skype on Windows 8 just blows my mind. ALL of the useful functionality is just gone. I can’t reorder chat windows, it doesn’t tell me which chat has a new message, in fact, the options functionality is so hidden that I couldn’t find it at all, until I looked it up on my PC.

Seriously. This shit has got to stop. I get what you are trying to do, but I think we can all agree that a merged codebase for both tablet and PC is a disaster and it needs to be rethought from first principles. The fact is, tablets and PC’s areĀ not the same. They just aren’t. I don’t want the same experience on my PC as I have on a tablet. I have greater resolution, I have a mouse and keyboard and I want to be able to arrange in a greater manner than a tablet really allows. Limiting me to the lowest common denominator just sucks, and I’m not thrilled about.

And removing the start button. Whoever even proposed that needs to be fired. Immediately.

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2 Responses to Windows 8

  1. James says:

    Microsoft has already announced that the start menu will return and that realizable metro apps are coming. They announced this like two months ago; there was an article on The Verge about it.

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