Working by yourself.

While I’ve been unemployed I’ve been working on some home projects, to keep me busy and give me something to do. I’ve built several prototypes, some successful, some less so.

In doing so it’s given me greater insight into where my strengths are and where they are not. In design, for example. I used to imagine that because I could ‘see’ what I wanted to build in my mind that this meant it would automatically fit together and be fun.

Not So. My respect for real designers goes up leaps and bounds. It also makes me understand some of the subtleties of the team dynamic that are lost when there’s just you.

When I build a prototype and it doesn’t work I sit there, playing with tweakable values in an attempt to make it fun, but what it really needs is fresh eyes for a twist on the mechanic itself; that is really hard to do when there’s just you sitting there staring at it. Most of the time I just put the prototype away for a bit and let it ruminate in lower brain to see if time will give me the perspective I need.

It’s really brought home the need for a designery partner. I – like most people – work best when having a like minded person around I can spark off and bounce things off. Working by yourself really makes that apparent.

I also am having a “When can I show this to people?” set of thoughts too – my perfectionism is working against me actually being able to just package stuff up and give it to other people to look at and comment on. This isn’t healthy but I’m honestly not sure how to counter this – again, I need a partner to push me into showing what I have.

Ahh, it’s all good. At least I’m actually making stuff and making progress with it. I promise to put up a YoutTube Video of what I’ve been working on – there, that should spur some concerted work…

In the meantime the hunt for a job continues.

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