Writing writing writing

I’ve been writing a bit recently – not on my Game Development book but for a yet-to-be-launched magazine. Interestingly enough I committed for 2 articles and while writing the first was a breeze, the second one is proving a hard nut to crack in terms of making it interesting.

It’s on the subject of remote working and I’ve already done one article for Gamasutra on that subject and I’m not looking to just regurgitate what I wrote there.

So I’m approaching it more from the point of view of “why not?” rather than a “how to”. I’ve had some experiences recently that surprised me in the vehemence of peoples reactions to the idea of people working from home and I’m going to try and explore that a bit I think, although sometimes it’s hard to write about that stuff without implying the person saying No is not a moron.

Still, gave my word so now I’ve got to come through. Writing can be hard sometimes!

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